Corfu town and Old Fortress from "Agios Spiridonas"

The city of Corfu becomes an online course focused on the historical, cultural and mainly architectural values ​​of the historic city. Its fortification with the two Fortresses, the Old and the New one, are the factors that determined the urban and architectural image of the inhabited ensemble of its historic centre. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing European elements and composing a special urban setting, different from any other city in Greece. Nevertheless, the preservation of the city’s architectural heritage is necessary as the buildings and monuments have suffered from the effect of time, tourist deterioration, and the climatic conditions to which the island is exposed.

Teaching objectives

Students are expected to:

  • enrich their cognitive and spatial background regarding the city and to understand its architectural dimension
  • connect the urban and architectural phenomenon with the historical, social and cultural environment in which it develops,
  • understand the various aspects and approaches to the issue of preservation, reflect on, and take a stand on it,
  • express themselves orally by connecting their observation, researching, and interviewing skills,
  • cultivate skills of exploration, cooperation and critical observation,
  • be aware of the difficulties and problems of preserving a city’s tangible heritage.

Educational level

above 6th grade

Indicative thematic classification

Architecture > Cultural Heritage > Corfu city

Interactivity type

active learning

Interactivity level

very high

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