About us

Historical buildings of Corfu & Samos (Greece), Gjirokaster (Albania) and Ohrid (North Macedonia) have experienced huge damage, due to abandonment, interventions and/or lack of interest. Many of these buildings are in danger of collapse and are not accessible. At the same time, Regional Authorities, residents and visitors do not have access to information regarding the history, the condition, and the value of architectural heritage.

The IRC-HERMeS project aims to develop a common strategic management platform for building settlements/regions to support the salvation, protection, and presentation of their Cultural Heritage.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Development of a common innovative digital system for managing, protecting and promoting Cultural Heritage for the participating countries with pilot implementations for Corfu, Samos, Gjirokaster and Ohrid historic settlements.
  2. Improvement of each settlement’s capacity to promote and reuse its outstanding buildings.
  3. Identification and promotion of the common cultural and architectural heritage of Greece, Albania, and North Macedonia.
  4. Composition of a common plan at local and transboundary levels – for alternative thematic tourism concerning the human environment (architectural tourism, tourism for schools).
  5. Raising awareness of citizens in matters of protection and restoration of cultural heritage.
  6. Development of educational tools for teachers and students to enhance cultural heritage courses.