1. A World Heritage city

Historic city phases

Teleport game

Use the virtual tour below to teleport to four (4) different places inside the city, and collect information to solve the riddles bellow.

Match the Fortress items with the spatial information

Do you remember the info points you found at the Fortress?

Spot the places you teleported

Find the four (4) historic landmarks you visited at the teleport game (Fortress, St. Sophia Church, Patchev House, Clock Tower) inside this map. Just click on the area you think each landmark is.

  • What do you think this map represents?


Visit, in real, the places where you teleported through the virtual tour with your teammates to reassure your findings. Then, try to identify other landmarks of your city that have the same structural and historical elements as the landmarks you teleported.


For each landmark you found, try to answer with your teammates the following questions:

  1. From which time period do these landmarks come from?
  2. Who did they build them?
  3. Why do you think they built them?
  4. Why did they place them in these locations?